What My Clients Are Saying.....


"Phil has been training me to run a half marathon.  It was amazing that only after a few sessions I really started to notice a difference not only when I was running, but also to my body shape.  When we started I struggled to run for 20 minutes without needing to walk.  After 3 weeks of following Phil's plan, I was able to run for an hour and a half without stopping.  I was using the gym before we started and I'd got into the habit of doing the same old exercises and wasn't seeing results.   Phil's sessions are great because they are different every week, but most importantly I've seen great results .  I'm running faster and I'm in the best shape ever. There's just no way I would push myself as hard without Phil there.  What's brilliant though, is his sessions don't feel long and tough, an hour zips past.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Phil to anyone lookint to get fit or in shape".


Adam Inker, Capital FM DJ, Portsmouth

"Having been gym phobic to start with I joined the gym a couple of months ago,  it wouldnt have even crossed my mind having a Personal Trainer.  I was introduced to Phil and have had  about half a dozen sessions. Having an injury , Phil worked in the areas I needed to, encouraging me and making the sessions fun and keeping me motivated.  Each session is different, Phil is very knowledgeable too.  I recommend Phil  very highly.


Denise Houlden, Ward Clerk NHS, Portsmouth

"Although I trained each weekday morning, I was in a rut. I had made great progress in my first three months at the gym, but I had reached a plateau; I was doing the same things every week and progress had stopped. Each session is varied and tailored to me and is my best session of the week. As a result my workouts on other days have improved immensely.


Justin, Fareham

"I haven't enjoyed exercising as much as I have since training with Phil, and although its tough, the results quickly follow. Phil's motivation and enthusiasm is infectious, and I actually look forward to my sessions. He's kept the training varied so I would never know what to expect from a session and most importantly he's kept encouraging me throughout." 



Nadine Kempster, Managing Director, Petersfield

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